Violation Notices


Received a Violation Notice?

As you already know, Sunrise is a deed restricted community and our covenants spell out the rules and restrictions by which one must abide as a member of the community.  When you purchased a home here, you agreed to be bound by them.

If you have received a violation notice, chances are it is for something that is easily corrected.  For example, making sure certain things like trash containers are not left in plain view, and preventing an unsightly buildup of rust, mildew, or mold on sidewalks and structures.  Making sure these things are taken care of improves the quality of the community and helps improve its value as well as the homes within it.  Everyone wins when these things are taken care of.

Your first violation notice is a reminder that these things need to be taken care of.  Please make the time to so do.  Second and final notices are sent out when things remain uncorrected, and can lead to fines being assessed by the association.   Please do not let things escalate to that point.

If there are extenuating circumstances that will prevent you from addressing any issues in a timely fashion, please contact the board and let us know.  You may also feel free to contact the board if you have any questions about a violation notice you have received, or if you believe you have received one in error.  It is possible that you may have received one by accident, so be sure to let us know if  you believe that to be the case.

Thank you for taking the time and doing your part to help ensure that Sunrise remains a high-quality and attractive community.

Having trouble getting rust stains removed?

Some homeowners have realized that powerwashing may not get rid of their rust stains and have discovered that Goof Off Rust Stain Remover works great!  Just spray it on using a sprayer and then rinse it off.  

Another product that has been recommended is SNOWCAP.  Homeowners have reported good results with this product as well.

(Note that this is not an official endorsement of any of these products by the SHOA or the SHOA board.)

Frequently Asked Questions and Solutions

What do I do if I have questions about a violation?

If you have questions about a violation that is not addressed here, you can always contact the Sunrise Homeowners Association Rules and Violations Committee at or leave a voicemail at 321-405-2647.

On the above list of violations, what is the Reference section for?

The reference section cites specific content from the covenants or their amendments to help explain why you were considered to be in violation of something.

Can one homeowner report another for a violation?

A homeowner can contact the R&V or ARC committee to inform us of a possible violation of the covenants or a possible ARC violation.  Reports are recorded anonymously and any information received is double-checked by the board and/or the ARC or R&V committees before any action is taken.  This helps prevent the possibility of someone reporting someone else as a form of harassment or retaliation.  

Also note that once you report a violation, it may take some time for the violation to be investigated, the homeowner notified, and for that violation to be corrected.  Please do not expect a reported violation to be resolved in a few days.  Even if you do not receive a response immediately, rest assured that your message was received. 

Why was I cited for a violation, but my neighbor was not?

While some violations are pretty much cut and dried, for other violations such as rust/mold/ mildew, the R&V committee has to make a determination regarding how much is “too much.”  Many things can influence a decision one way or another, such as the degree of staining, or the total amount of property that is stained. 

The R&C committee strives to make a fair assessment of such things and to be even-handed when deciding if a violation has occurred.  If you have any further questions or believe that you may have received a violation unfairly, please feel free to contact the R&V committee, the ARC committee, or the board.

I had already addressed the violations mentioned – what do I do?

You do not have to do anything.  Violation letters may not be sent out until a couple weeks after the violation was first observed.  If you have already addressed the issues, then this will be noted when the R&V goes around to do its next check.  If things have been addressed appropriately then no further notices will be sent out.

What can happen if I do not address the violation(s)?

You will receive a second and final notice if the violation continues to exist.  If the violations continue to remain, the board has the right to assess fines until the situation is resolved. 

If you have extenuating circumstances that will prevent you from addressing any violations in a timely fashion, please contact the board immediately and let us know.